How? By reducing consumption, backup water systems, water filtering, usage monitoring and water management automation - no matter the size of your need!

Surplus Water by 2025

Total Annual Water Savings

2016 10m Liters

2017 70m Liters

2018 130m Liters

2019 to date 260m Liter

We believe by fundamentally changing our relationship with water and recognizing it as the  most precious live-giving resource, it is within our collective power to turn things around and achieve surplus water, in South Africa, by 2025.

Our mission is to play our part to make this bold goal a reality. We do this by helping South Africans understand, manage and conserve water consumption. 

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What We Do
Superior products and services to ensure sustainable water use


An electronic remote system that monitor on-site water consumption, alerting the client of any above normal usage, continuous flow and even pressure drops. Read More

Reduce Consumption

With our expertise and proprietary hardware we can fine-tune water utilities to use up to 50% less water, without interrupting your everyday water need. Read More

Backup Systems

By focusing on water supply availability, our solution will reduce the effects of “water shedding” to a minimum. Many facilities cannot afford to go without water. Read More

Supplementary Sources

Rainwater, grey water and backwash pool water are all sources of water that can be either applied in a domestic sense or industrial process. Use water twice, that's the secret! Read More

Management Systems

A system that harvests water and distributes it for consumption, fully integrated with municipal backup, storage and filtration units, delivering uninterrupted pressurised water to any facility. Read More


200 Million

LITRE WATER SAVED IN 2017 and 2018










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Technical Director
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Susan Brink

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Thabo Molibeli

Civil Engineer
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Johnny Hall

Site Manager
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Betty Monnong

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Systems Technician
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Jona Mokgobu

Plumbing and Electrical
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Skills Development and Training
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Systems and Safety
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Electrical and Maintenance

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