South Africa is classified as a semi-arid country and is currently the 30th driest country in the world. The cost associated with water will increase as water becomes more scarce, not just to force the end-user to use less water, but also from an economic approach based on supply and demand.


There are quite a few ways, without changing your lifestyle, to reduce the average water consumption of your house or facility. Some areas in our country are already facing water restrictions and the other areas will follow suit, it is crucial to save every drop of water possible.


The availability of water is not a problem facing some of us,
but all of us.

In large facilities with high water usage, it definitively makes sense to manage water pressure, mitigate leakages and convert water utilities like toilets to use less water with each flush.

Simple ways to easily reduce consumption with immediate effect:

  • Fix faulty water endpoints

  • Toilet Multi-Flush

  • Low-flow shower heads

  • Optomise irrigation volumes