With likely water restrictions and more so possible water shedding schedules looming, the availability of water, when you need it, becomes a factor we all have to deal with.

Some facilities like hospitals, schools, old age homes and industries where water is part of the process can’t go without water during any part of the day.


Having a municipal water backup ready becomes a necessity.

This will entail a water storage vessel and a water pumps based on water usage. The municipal feed to your household or facility will be redirected to the storage vessel, before it goes into you main water supply.

The above mentioned setup sounds easy to install, and most people will be able to understand the approach, but there is quite a few aspects that need consideration.

AQUAffection has a system that is configurable, with manual override settings, for almost any possible scenario.

Currently AQUAffection is working on the development of a smart water management system, a fully digital and automatic system. This system will be scalable for any size of application and should be ready by September 2017 for production.




We supply a full range of tanks, from small 500l plastic tanks to 2,000,000 liter iron tanks manufactured from a highly corrosion resistant alloy, Zincalume.

The structure of the tank carries a 12-year warranty. These tanks are lined with a certified potable drinking water/food grade liner (Drinking water Test Certificate: AS/NZS 4020:2005) with a life expectancy of ± 30 years.

The smaller tanks which is usually below 10,000 liter capacity, are sourced based on the design requirements. AQUAffection takes in consideration aspects like colour, esthetics , base size and foundation, site accessibility, height and water storage duration. Every site and every installation are unique, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

AQUAffection will make sure the tank meets every requirement.