We specialise in water conservation, security (backup) and quality systems. Our four- tiered approach has proven to have significant results when it comes to water conservation.

The first stage is to reduce water consumption, by making sure no water goes unaccounted for and all water utilities in the facility work optimally by using just enough water to function properly. We believe a considerable decrease in water consumption is achievable during this stage. Our innovative approach to water dynamics will be of great financial advantage to you as the end user. If you are a high water volume user (> 500 kilolitres a month), we highly recommend you consider this service.


Stage two will focus on water supply availability. This will potentially minimise the effects of “water shedding”. Many facilities cannot afford to go without water, and our solution will mitigate most negative water supply scenarios.

Stage three focuses on a supplementary aspect, where the harvesting of rainwater and the re-use of grey water for irrigation will come into play. This is in addition to the already managed municipal water supply. This will lower water consumption further, dependent on site-specific aspects and configurations.


Stage four will focus on water quality. Unfortunately water sources and treatment plants are under extreme pressure to supply the water demand. It is not unlikely that water quality will be compromised somewhere along the line. AQUAffection’s five-stage filtration units deliver high quality water on site on demand. We clean water of dust particles to a one micron level. Bacteria and micro-organisms are removed through ultrafiltration.