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Water Awareness training at Vega Pretoria

Congratulations to all the attendees from Vega Pretoria who completed the water awareness training! Education and awareness play a huge…
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Completed project: Randridge Mall

Well done to Emira Property Fund and Broll Property Group contributing partners to #SURPLUSWATER2025! You are actively helping South Africa…
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Vodacom Bulls taking water action

Shout-out to the Vodacom Bulls efforts in reducing their water demand by 46%! Water conservation is an essential aspect of…

ADvTECH reducing water footprint

Congratulations to Advtech Group for their commitment to saving water! Your efforts to conserve water through the installation of water-efficient…

Our colourless hidden gem - Imelda Mamba

Groundwater is what I would consider our colourless hidden gems protected by the Earth’s surface. Only 3% of all water…
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Water Awareness training at Trinityhouse Heritage Hill

Not only showing great results at Trinityhouse Heritage Hill but also impacting the community. Let's continue to spread awareness about…
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Completed project: Thabong Mall

Mitigating regular water interruptions at Thabong Mall by providing a customised sustainable water management system. Well done to Safari Investments…
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Completed project: One Highveld

Using water efficiently at One Highveld and consistently showing excellent results for more than 5 years! Well done to Emira…

Completed project: Rubicon

Excellent results for the completed project at the new Rubicon facility in Cape Town, South Africa. Thank you to: Rubicon…

2,4+ Billion litres saved

Celebrating sustainable water savings of more than 2+ BILLION litres this World Water Day 2022, by helping our clients focus…

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