Company Statement

AQUAffection was born out of the increasing pressure on South African water sources driven by climate change and resulting changing weather patterns. South Africa is currently the 30th driest country in the world with forecasts predicting that we will be an extreme water scarce country by 2025. South Africans need to make a fundamental mind shift in the way water is consumed and we need to manage this resource completely differently.

All living organisms need water in order to survive. For this reason we need to treat it as our most precious resource - without which we simply cannot survive. This is how we came up with the name AQUAffection, which is made up of the words AQUA (water) and Affection (fondness, love, care) – For the love of water…

Having the right approach towards water can have an economic, environmental, social and health impact and the aim of the company is to assist everywhere. From a rural environment (where the need for water for survival is high) right through to industrial and commercial applications (where consumption is high as part of production/manufacturing).

We identified the need to manage and conserve water in South Africa, by providing high quality products and services related to water conservation.


Gerrie Brink
Founder and Managing Director

Our Mission

To ensure that all people have the knowledge to use water efficiently

Providing superior products and services to ensure sustainable water use

Establishing longevity of finite water sources through strategic partnerships

Improving the quality of life of South Africans through Water Conservation

Helping South Africans understand, conserve and manage their water consumption

Doing our part to move from water scarcity to water surplus by 2025

Our Promise

To create opportunities and to educate people from all walks of life on how to take responsibility of their immediate environments, providing the tools and knowledge, and delivering high-quality service, products and applications with the main priority to collectively have a sustainable impact on the environment, economy and community to get to Surplus Water by 2025

Brand Values

  • Quality products and installations;
  • Sustainable and responsible use of natural resources – especially water;
  • Collaboration and engagement with customers and suppliers to find the best solutions;
  • Knowledge sharing; and
  • Creating Value
  • Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency